Thursday, March 1, 2012

Applicationes opened for the This is Totally ME Hunt

Hunt Dates: May 1 - May 31
Application deadline: April 15th (applications sent in after this date will be reserved as backup)
Max Stores: 150
Hunt Order: First come, First serve
Vendor & Hunters Group: MelNaKa Events
Starting location: Homes With a Heart

MelNaKa Events is working on her next hunt, the This is Totally ME Hunt, starting on the 1st of May.

People often have some things in common (especially in friendly relationships), blond hair, same kind of humor or the school you went to. But every single person in this world is also an unique person with their own likes and dislikes.

In the This is Totally ME Hunt we want to concentrate on the likes and would like to see a gift that reflects something that is either important to you or something that reflects you or your likes. Maybe you are someone who fights for the animal rights, you are fond of music, you are crazy about a particular color………… it in your hunt gift and let us see what is totally you in the This is Totally ME Hunt.


Please fill out all information and send the completed application to Melody Ballinger.

Store Name:

Main Contact:

Second Contact (not mandatory):

Store Landmark:

Store SLURL:

Region Rating (General, Moderate, Adult):

Type of Store (what do you sell):

___ I wish to receive an invite for the inworld MelNaKa Vendors group (This group is for social use only. All group notices will be sent out through a mailing list)


* There is no restrictions to what type of gift you want to give, however , NO Resellers, (BIAB) Business In A Box, and/or Freebies found in BIAB.

* Gifts must reflect the quality of your shop, please be creative.

* If your store moves before or during the hunt, please let us know asap, so we can make the needed changes.

* Hunt items have to be hidden so they can be found. Please do not hide them inside other objects.

* The use of the provided hunt path is optional, but strongly suggested if the hunt item is hidden over 30m away from the landing point.

* By putting your name down as contact, you agree to receive notices specific for this hunt through a mailing list. You can not be removed from this list before the hunt ends.

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