About MelNaKa

MelNaKa Events was founded by three friends, each with their own set of skills, and is an all event planning service.

MelNaKa Events is organizing a hunt every two or three months. If you have a shop and are interested to join in one of our hunts, please contact us and we can add you in our vendor group, or touch the one standing in our reception area.

If you are a hunter and want to be kept updated about when a new hunt is going to start, please feel free to join our MelNaka Events group.


You can also check this blog for updates and hunt hints.


Thanks to our wide range of skills we can organize your perfect event. (Birthday, wedding, store opening, dance etc.). For more information about organizing your event please contact us through IM or notecard so we can discuss the possibilities and price.

Melody Ballinger
Najara Fall
LadyKay Gable

MelNaKa Events