Stars Program

MelNaKa Events is growing and growing.

We noticed that, among you, there are a lot of loyal vendors in our hunts. Because we are gratefull for this fact, we want to show our appreciation in some way.
That's why we came up with a Star program, because without you vendors we cannot organize any hunt.

How does the Star program work?

* If you have done four hunts with us you will get a bronze star. You will receive a star prim that you can rez in your store if you wish to (it’s no obligation). The prize that comes with it is that the logo of your store will be added to our blog during the next hunt.

* If you have done seven hunts with us, you earned a silver star and you will receive a silver star prim. The price that comes with this one is is that your store logo will be permanently added to our blog, linked to your in-world location.

* If you have done ten hunts with us you will receive the golden star. Also rezzable in your store if you wish. The price attached to this one is that you will get a free advertisement on our blog and in our hunt magazine, both linked to your in-world location.