Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello Hunters,

Today MelNaKa Events presents you her new hunt : The This is Totally ME Hunt. A hunt in which storeowners could present gifts that would reflect their likes. For you an opportunity to get to know the storeowners a bit and off course pick up some nice goodies on your way.

To help you out a bit, please visit our hintpage on this blog or join our huntgroup were you can ask questions concerning this hunt: secondlife:///app/group/c6cdaeeb-0e12-59e4-45b8-ebeddb3bb950/about.

Also don’t forget to pick up our hunt magazine with lot’s of gift pictures . You the magazine in the kiosk at the startlocation: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Danpoon/184/211/401.

Hope to see you all in the This is Totally ME Hunt and happy hunting !!

Melody Ballinger and Najara Fall
MelNaKa Events.


  1. you stop dead on the 7th store no hint no nothing

  2. Hello Unknown,

    Sorry to hear you had a problem in our hunt. The first days in a hunt are allways the most difficult ones for us huntorganisators, because there are stores that aren't ready yet and believe me we are spamming them like mad to get them ready :).

    But getting stuck in our hunts is simply not possible. You can either ask questions in ourinworl group, sent us an im or use the hintpage to skipe a store that is not ready yet.

    Hopefully this wil give you enough infromation to never get stuck on our hunts anymore :)

    Najara Fall